Friday, August 1, 2014

Busy as a bee! New Project List

Hello all you beautiful people!

I've been busy as ever, especially since it's the summer. The farmer's market is over and I have yet to put my leftovers online. In addition to that I have a few other projects on the horizon so I thought I would take a minute to list them out so you know what to expect in the future.

1. Photograph crafts for Etsy Shop
2. Custom Order for Todd
3. Stage Decor for Down City Armory
4. Events for Healthy Living Downtown

Pretty sure these few things will keep me busy. I'm also heading to Mexico after my birthday and am super excited about it!

A personal project which I want to do is to do a daily video diary of my 29th year of life. A lot has changed in my world, I've always wanted to do something like this but haven't so now I'm going to do it. I will most likely post it on YouTube and link it here for anyone who is curious. 365 videos...woah!

Stay Crafty!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Farmer's Market Done.

Farmer's Market Done. Check that box off please! On Saturday I went to the Attleboro Farmer's Market as myself, promoting myself, and selling things I made myself! This was a goal I had set for myself and I couldn't be happier that I did it. 7am I got up, got ready, packed and headed over to Fienberg Field. I was set and ready for 9am when people started to roll through. By 9:15am I made my first sale of a sand and seashell necklace. I had actually made the necklace the day before. The day went until 1pm and I had a few wonderful people I know come and visit me! (They even brought me coffee.) I met other vendors and lots of the neighbors of the Attleboro areas. All in all I would say it was very successful and we will see if anyone reaches out to me for future consultation of custom orders.

Photo by Jim Schultz
Photo by Geoff of AFM (via their facebook)

I promised everyone that I would be putting up what hasn't sold on Etsy so I will start working on that. I also received about 40 more Squinkies on Saturday so there are more earrings in my future.

I have a new goal now! I was planning on making a Gwen Stefani costume for Halloween, I might do it sooner then then and go to karaoke bars impersonating her. Not sure why I haven't done it sooner.

Crafting will continue and I will post it all here. Maybe some more summertime fun as well!

Please let me know if you have any questions for me or ideas for other goals!

Thanks and Stay Crafty,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monkeying around with cake!

It has been awhile since I've made a custom cake and I didn't realize it until my best friend Fallon asked me that question. Since Liam's (Fallon's fiance) birthday was today we spent a few hours yesterday working on a chimp cake for him. Fallon told me what she wanted to accomplish and I worked with her to attain that goal. She also served as a wonderful sue chef and without her constant critique it would not have come out as awesome. :-)

I prefer not to work in cake very often for 2 reasons, the art doesn't last forever since you eat it and it's not a perfect medium. Often times there are situations which call for compromise which I hate when I want it to be a certain way. It can get tense and I'd rather be stress freer...

But with that said, I think I'd still like to get the occasional cake challenge. If you have a reason for me to make a cake, please let me know it and I can let you know if it's possible. My cakes are more likely cheaper than fancy cake shops since I charge only for cost of materials and then $50 for my skills.

This cake cost approximately $75. It took approximately 2 cakes, 4 cans of frosting (although we made some homemade peanut butter frosting but cans seemed like the way to measure this.), 3 piping bags, 6 eggs, butter, sugar, peanut butter, milk.

It was made by creating a normal 9" round cake, 1 muffins, and a whole lot of imagination. The two rounds were stacked with frosting in between. I iced the outside first and added the mouth of the monkey which was a muffin top. The ears where the bottom of a muffin cut in half. I added the peanut butter frosting for the interior of the ear first and then stuck them in place. The face was covered with peanut butter frosting as well and then I began to pipe the rest of the frosting. This was where all my previous experience really came out. It didn't take me long to cover his head and ears with chocolate using a large piping bit. I used a regular ziplock to pipe the white since it was so minor. Had I had to do it again, I would have used more frosting with a larger piping hole so it would have come out bore like a ball than flat. The peanut butter frosting piping I did with but a bit of the tip of the bag cut off so no actual tip. I wanted to add more dimension to the lips and brow, Fallon was skeptical. I think I convinced her when I quickly banged it out in front of her. I even outlined the nose we had agreed upon in chocolate. My rational was that the chocolate represented holes so they couldn't stick out farther than the other frosting. Then a quick Happy Birthday Liam in cursive and we were done. Fallon gets all the credit for the candles in the nose, since where else would a monkey put candles. I'm pretty proud of this cake because I think it was one of the most quickly executed cakes I have done, with little issue. Any issues we did encounter were easily resolved by scraping off the icing and doing it again.

I wonder if they make clay which works like frosting...

If you are interested in a cake, local people only, please let me know and we can dream it up together!
Stay crafty!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Audrey Hepburn transfer with glitter!

I'm in creation station and the glitter is flying! I just finished the Audrey Hepburn photo with glitter for my coworkers new apartment. Hopefully she likes it. I might make a few more for the Farmer's Market, thoughts?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Prepping for the Farmer's Markets and realizing life goals

I've always dreamed of being able to sell the little things I make. I have no idea why but I have this need to create. Usually I create things for myself or specific people but I'm going one step further and I want to sell to random strangers. Very often I get compliments on things I make when I wear them. I tell people I made them and they are usually surprised. So why not try it? This has been a long lost dream which I have finally resurrected thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who has granted me studio space and the encouragement of my friends and self to see a goal achieved. I've been sitting on this craft blog, not really blogging, and I have an etsy store with nothing posted to it. My plan is to make everything I can for July 19th when the Attleboro farmer's market has their artists and craftsmen area. Anything that doesn't sell will get me started on Etsy and hopefully propel me forward. Here is what the AFM invite states:
We invite resident artists in the Attleboro area to apply for a vendor space in one of our featured “Art at the market” events. We welcome painters, photographers, cobblers, makers of metal cookware, hardware, service wares, woodworkers, textile designers, sculptors, potters, ceramicists, jewelry makers, candle makers, and other creative and functional wares.

This expansion will promote the cultural arts of our area while attracting more people to the farmer’s market and Attleboro at large. We will also encourage vendors to demonstrate their skill to market visitors. This will be an opportunity to revive awareness of the historical trades and skills that were integral to the vitality of our region.
In preparation I signed up for Square and am working on some packaging with Michael and my friend John at Color Connection for printing. I've worked with both of them before on other projects and I find it more fun to work with people you like than strangers.

Money is not important but it definitely helps motivate. Plus without money how would I continue to create? I do use a lot of recycled and found materials but no one wants used earring hooks.

This is probably one of the scariest things I have done in awhile. Jimmy asked me why I was so scared. I replied "It's like having a lemonade stand and no one buys a cup." He's been assuring me that it will be successful and while I want to believe him, he has no real way of knowing. With 11 days left, I'm spending almost all of my free time working on items to sell and my display setup. I will be utilizing the dining room to set up everything ahead of time. I have plenty of ideas, it's just a matter of whether or not it works. Wish me luck and remember Cash is King since credit cards will incur a 2.75% convenience charge. (*future helpful information if you plan on coming out to support me.)

Love Jax

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A backyard wedding and Ponies SURPRISE!

This past Saturday my boyfriend Jimmy took me to his cousin Karl's wedding. I had never met Karl or Kristin before but it was supposed to be nice out and the wedding was in their backyard. When I approached the nice row of houses I immediately realized it wasn't as I had thought. The houses were closer together than the wilderness backyard of the Berkshires I had imagined. We walked up the driveway to the backyard where I then saw the cutest backyard wedding ceremony setup ever.

It was like something I had seen on TV or in a movie. There were about 50 guests total. The ceremony was short and afterwards everyone moved the chairs from the ceremony to the reception. We enjoyed cocktail hour high-jinx with our cooler full of drinks and a table full of snacks until the wedding party returned from photos.

While they were gone, Uncle Skip said he would give us a tour of Karl and Kristin's house since we had never been there. It wasn't until I reached the second floor and he began to mention the "pony room" that it hit me! She was not just a normal bride. SHE WAS A MY LITTLE PONY COLLECTOR turned BRIDE!
My surprise!

Once I picked my jaw off the floor of this incredible room I told the family: "I'm going to need about 5 minute alone in this room." They all knew why. They joke that I am the "Selfie Queen" and I think it's just because I don't trust anyone to take the photo well or to send it to me instantly for uploading, so I choose to take my own.


Selfie with my new friends.

Zebra and Zoo animal PONIES!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure this is the best surprise at a wedding I have ever experienced. How I ended up in such a magical land, I have no idea but please enjoy these photos and believe me when I say it was EPIC. Kristin has over 1000 ponies and a website at I'm so happy I got to meet Kristin and Karl and enjoy their special day. I look forward to more play time in the "Pony Room."

Bride and her collection! 
Closest thing we could find to a rainbow pegacorn.

Have you ever seen anything more amazing???

One of those moments...

When you realize someone in pinterest might like this.

For the picky eaters you can utilize a cookie cutter to segregate foods!