Friday, September 2, 2011

Current Projects 9/2/11

Although I have been moving at a steady pace for about a month now. I need to get organized. I'm getting to the point where, if I have a project, I can't finish it without X, Y, & Z and because I don't have the car all the time, these projects get pushed back until I can get the supplies I need. So I wanted to go over a list of current projects I have in the works right now.
  1. Remove personal information from computer hard drives, trade in and get new computer
  2. Jewelry organizer: I had one but it's now too large for the redesign of my boudoir. I want to make something like this. But am still looking for a frame or artwork that will fit in the space I need it. I do have a Jax Beer tin sign that is being re purposed into an earring holder.
  3. Put pictures on the wall. I have a bunch of things in frames but they aren't on the wall because I'm not sure where I want them. Hopefully this weekend, Andy and I can make that final decision.
  4. Yard Sale Items - I have a pile but the sale isn't until Sept 10th.
  5. Organizing of Craft room - almost complete and Basement - not even started
Those are my clear and present tasks. With the Labor Day weekend upon us, this may be a great opportunity to knock some of it out. In closing I leave you with a poster I made when I was moving out of our Providence apartment to move to Waltham. I really wish I had a photo of every room I've lived in. Til the next post....later.

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