Monday, January 30, 2012

Bi-Fold Doors 2.0 - Part 1

As always my blogging skills are subpar. I'm always trying but I'm usually doing and not remembering to take photos. So here is my latest project. I guess a slat fell out of the bi-fold doors and Matt noticed there was a part that wasn't even glued together. So I took it as an opportunity to improve our already FREE curb acquirement with some paint and fabric. First, Matt took the doors downstairs for me and I removed the hardware and slats. Those slats will make either good firewood, paint stirrers, or other small project helper. Then I lightly sanded all the surfaces so the paint would stick better. We bought a small can on Gidden Bright White High-Gloss Enamel Door and Trim paint. I already had a brush. I've only painted one side, and will paint the other next. The one door that needed to be glue is drying and I just used wood glue to put the pieces together that hadn't been glued previously. I also purchanced fabric for the doors which I will measure and cut. More pictures to come but this is a project I will finish before the week is up.
Before: the doors hanging out during a Christmas party
Prior to painting

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