Monday, January 30, 2012

Current Projects 1/30/12

Since I've started up again I thought I should update my last current projects list (which I forgot I had.)
  1. Remove personal information from computer hard drives, (DONE) trade in (Not useful) and get new computer (STILL WORKING ON THAT)
  2. Jewelry organizer: I had one but it's now too large for the redesign of my boudoir. I want to make something like this. But am still looking for a frame or artwork that will fit in the space I need it. I do have a Jax Beer tin sign that is being re purposed into an earring holder. (I've reached the point where I think I just need to build my own from scratch but I know where it's going and the sizing is starting to take shape.)
  3. Put pictures on the wall. I have a bunch of things in frames but they aren't on the wall because I'm not sure where I want them. Hopefully this weekend, Andy and I can make that final decision. (See Progress)
  4. Yard Sale Items - I have a pile but the sale isn't until Sept 10th. (DONE, not for next years collection to start)
  5. Organizing of Craft room - almost complete and Basement - not even started
    • Craft room has made significant strides towards improvement. I have things labeled in boxes, etc. I just need to figure out the desk situation and finish the one angled curtain, then continually maintain it's cleanliness. I'll need to do photos of this room soon. It's in dire need of a name similar to the Boudoir.
    • Basement - more space for working has been found, but I still have several containers of tools, supplies, etc. Need to condense it on a warm day.
NEW to the list
6. Sewing craft for Fallon (to be named later)
7. Tshirt Quilt
8. Zombie target
9. Unicorn motorcycle? maybe
10. Harajuku pillows and doll

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