Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Iron-on Heming

In preparation for Arisia 2012, I thought I would add some finishings to a thrift store find I recently purchased. I had always had the iron on heming stuff lying around but I have never used it. Can I just say WOW! It was so easy and came out so good. I know I've heard people complain about it because you can't un-hem things but for my purposes it was perfect. I was able to rip seems and fold them over to make a clean edge. Shorten the sleeves. Add trim to the bottom and finally I added a fake cinching detail to the back of the shirt. Take a look.
Arisia photos including costume details!

Also if you are interested, in the photos you will see Sasha's costume which was made in 1 week. Helmet (formally a waste paper basket, sunglasses, and gaff tape), brain (clay with paint using jello mold), apron (formally a dress), scapal, and she even painted her gloves blacker.

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