Thursday, February 23, 2012

Current Projects 2/23/12

Since I've started up again I thought I should update my last current projects list (which I forgot I had.)
  1. Finish new craft table (very soon!)
  2. Get new computer (ongoing thought process...what would I do without my work computer?)
  3. Jewelry organizer: I had one but it's now too large for the redesign of my boudoir. I want to make something like this. But am still looking for a frame or artwork that will fit in the space I need it. I've reached the point where I think I just need to build my own from scratch but I know where it's going and the sizing is starting to take shape.
  4. Organizing of Craft room - almost complete and Basement - not even started
    • I am picking up bins from Walmart today to continue sorting and labeling. This rooms still needs a cool name.
    • Basement - I've sorted stuff but I still need to figure out how to arrange it effectively and what types of containers. It's not the same as a craft room.
  5. Sewing craft for Fallon - Done so check it out!
  6. Tshirt Quilt
  7. Zombie target
  8. Unicorn motorcycle? maybe
  9. Harajuku pillows and doll - Need to go to Ikea for pillows

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