Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fallon's Banner

Fallon's birthday was coming up and I was heading to Chicago to see her. In addition to packing a box of balloons, streamers, candy, and other birthday regalia, I wanted to make something. Partly to practice with my sewing machine which I know how to use now!!! but also because it's nice to have something that isn't disposable. I have plenty of jean material from jeans that have ripped or no longer fit so I figured I'd make a bunting like banner with Fallon's name on it. I made a template out of cardboard and used pinking sheers to cut it out so it wouldn't fray. Then I added a zig zag border and attached the top border to a long ribbon. This was great and really easy. Then I debated on paint vs. felt vs. embroidering the letters onto the triangles. I realized afterwards that I probably should have determined this before sewing them together but that's all part of me being crazy and experimenting. I decided to embroider it since I didn't want to stop using my sewing machine. The results were not perfect but definitely fun and homespun.

What have you tried to make for a friend?

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