Thursday, February 23, 2012

Once upon a table...

I had been having a difficult time with my craft room table surfaces for awhile. I had two found desks pushed together with a giant piece of ikea table wood on top of it. Neither desk was the same height so I shoved some books under it to level it out and it worked for awhile. But I didn't like it and the TV/computer wasn't in a productive area so it was more of a distraction. I knew I wanted something flexible but wasn't sure what. I have no idea how I started on the idea of a pedestal table but that's what I began searching for on Craigslist. Low and behold there was one in my town that had two arms/wings which could go up when you wanted the table larger or smaller. It was $65 dollars and I asked to take it for $50. After finding out what kind of place I was getting it from, I probably could have haggled more but didn't. (The sellers were in the salvage/estate business and had a whole warehouse down the road from me of stuff...this for another days adventure. Muah-ahhahahahaa!) Andy helped me get it home and it eventually made its way to the basement.


Yes, I'm going to work on my picture taking skills but it's all due to the fact I don't want to break momentum. Pictures are always my favorite part of blogs too. Now I just had to make this table permanent in the room and the only way to do that was to finish it completely.


  1. Clean it and remove all spiders
  2. Let it dry
  3. Sand it down everywhere you are going to paint
  4. Wipe it down and let it dry
  5. Cover parts you don't want painted with painters tape. This table had metal feet ends so I covered them. I think I may spray them silver to match the room.
  6. I painted the pedestal part with the same door/trim gel paint I used with my bi-fold doors, you could just put a coat of primer like I did with my top.
  7. Let dry
  8. Painted pedestal with second coat of white door/trim gel paint.
  9. Put a coat of Behr Sweet Mandarin on the top of the table using a brush for the sides and a roller for the top.
  10. Let dry
  11. Put a second coat on the table top.
  12. Let dry
  13. Put down arms. Now you could paint the insides of the arms...let's call them the arm pits but my plan is to sand down any paint bumps created from paint that got in there and dried.
  14. Wiped down and let dry armpits.
  15. Paint armpits.
  16. Let dry.
  17. Second coat if needed otherwise clear coat table top.
  18. Let dry.
Now presently I'm at step 10 and will update this after I'm done but I wanted to at least get my progress up.

After 2 coats on the pedestal and 1 coat of Sweet Mandarin on the top
I just put on the 2nd coat of Sweet Mandarin and I'm going to need another. I slacked with the primer and only put 1 coat. I should have done two. As much as I love to craft, I hate waiting for paint to dry.
Fun Fact:
You don't need to wash your paint brushes and rollers out everytime if you are going to use them again. Just wrap them in cling wrap and then put them in the freezer. The paint won't dry and you won't have to wash them.

Wrapped up paint brushes
Freezer food and paint brushes
I'm looking forward to utilizing my new craft table for everything. The old desks are being moved. One of them may become my sewing station.

Yay crafts! They make me so happy!


PS: Realized I should add a photo of the wall which the Sweet Mandarin is leftover from. It's the storage wall from my craft room and I got it from the polka dots in the curtain.

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