Monday, February 27, 2012

We took the Plunge-r

Abbey and Matt are getting married! I was told no penes at her bachelorette party so I wanted to bring something else funny. I remember seeing something like this when I was a kid and it always stuck with me so this was my attempt at a bridal plunger. Total cost $15.50 versus $32 already made.

"We took the plunge"
I'm going to go Step by Step with photos, since I remember to take them while I made it.
Step 1: Buy a plunger from Walmart along with wedding related items.
Step 2:Cover the plunger hole and treads with painters tape.
Step 3: Find a wrench or clamp to use to hold the handle straight up. This way you can paint the whole thing without touching it.
Step 4: I used spray paint and trim paint I already had but if you don't have gold/silver or white paint buy that too.
Step 5: Paint the handle and bottom. Wait for them to dry completely.
Step 6: Put plunger together. You can also spray it with a clear coat if you want. I did it but I'm not seeing the benefits at this point.
Step 7: (Not pictured) Put the bride/groom items on a piece of cardboard. Trace around them without writing on them. :-) Leave a space for the plunger handle hole. Cut out this piece. (I did it twice and glued them together for extra durability.
Step 8: I taped the bottom to an empty beer bottle and spray painted it silver as well.
Step 9: Heat up your hot glue gun. Take some lace and pleat it around the outside of the cardboard. I use a thimble to prevent burnt finger tips.
Step 10: Hot glue bride/groom item to the top of the cardboard. (Lace side)
Step 11: Trace the handle hole on a piece of paper and center on top item. My top item happens to be a wedding cake candle so it was soft and I knew it would be easy to carve out. If you have something you can't drill into, you might want to consider using a bottle cap that fits over the handle and hot gluing it to your item so you can hot glue the bottle cap to the handle top.
Step 12: I used a Dremel to carve the circle out of the bottom for the handle. I left the plastic on my candle because I thought it looked nicer. I also cut a white paper circle to stick to the bottom to cover the bar code info.
Step 13: Put a roll of toilet paper and the cardboard/lace/bride/groom piece onto the handle, BEFORE you use puffy paint to write on the handle. I used silver puffy paint to write "We took the plunge" and remember to leave room on the top for your topper. I used painters tape to mark it.
Step 14: Decorate your toilet paper with a ribbon and sign card. Whatever you want! I put the couple's name on it and the dates of their court house wedding and big wedding.
Step 15: I added a plastic diamond ring and ribbons to jazz it up. Even included matches on the back for the candle and smelly poos. Notice the "Just Married" on the duck butts.
Step 16: Finally hot glue the candle to the top of the handle. I also used 2 way tape and ribbon to cleanup the connection between the handle and the candle.
Step 17: Admire your work.

I think Abbey appreciated the poo joke and it's kid friendly. They took the plunge, twice. Matt says the toilet paper is going to be his emergency roll.


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  1. Love! This is one of the most creative projects I have seen in a long time!