Friday, March 16, 2012

Andy's MST3K Birthday

I love birthdays. I think everyone should celebrate them and like to go above and beyond to make the birthday person feel special. So as Andy's birthday approached I asked him what he wanted his birthday theme to be. Now my husband is not over excitable or enthusiastic like I am. We are opposites in this way. So to indulge me he told me what he really wanted: To have his friends over to watch a movie with prepared jokes in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

I had my challenge. They don't make ANY MST3K party supplies so I was going to need to make everything myself. I created my plan. Napkins, Cups, Cupcakes, Decorations, and Invitations.

Easy, just used Power Point and the Internet.

This was more thinking. I figured I would stamp them and contemplated making a potato stamp. Instead I printed things off the Internet, used transparency paper and traced them on the transparency paper with puffy paint. Once they had dried for 24 hours I attached them to extra foam pieces I'd saved and with the help of friends stamped several plain napkins. The big thing to remember is to print your images backwards because I didn't and where ever there were words they were backwards. Oh well, live and learn.

Cups: I didn't do much with these because of time but I just printed images of Crow on leftover labels and stuck them to the cups. You'll see photos below.
I did two main things for decorations. I printed out a bunch of images on 11x17 paper and put them up all over the walls then I cut a giant bone out of cardboard, spray painted it and had my husband decorate it with a sharpie to make the Satellite of Love. Lastly, Andy had a calendar form 2008 which was all Monster Movie posters. Perfect!

Front Door
I also went with a slight movie theme because it's much easier to find movie themed items and had popcorn cups and boxes of movie candy. Wait til you see the cupcakes! :-)
Another little detail I made were labels with the Gizmonics logo on them. This transformed any regular person into a member of the Gizmonics workforce even if they didn't wear a costume. Luckily for me our friend Joe has white hair and accidentally wore a long sleeve black shirt which made him look exactly like TV's Frank.

Had MST3K on the TV while people hung out
Easy Signing board!

Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank

Andy specified he wanted Boston Creme cake, but I wanted to make cupcakes so I just modified it and hulled out the middle of all the cupcakes to pipe in creme. I also piped the frosting on because it make it easier to cover the hole. Once that was done, I popped them into homemade wrappers and added marshmallows. To make the marshmallows look like popcorn I used a pastry brush to dab a little water onto them before shaking on yellow sprinkles to give them the buttered look. All in all I really like how they came out. I also was able to flip over a trifle dish, add a tap light, tissue paper, and an MST3K window cling which I had given Andy last year to create my perfect centerpiece.

Homemade card to Andy. We are cuddling in silhouette.

To top the whole thing off, I had purchased Andy a shirt to finally iron his Gizmonics patch to. (Previously gifted to him.) He became the "normal guy in a red (green) jumpsuit" and I dressed as the Dr. Forrester with stuff I had around the house because wearing a mustache is hilarious to me. I believe I accomplished my mission and Andy had a memorable birthday.

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