Monday, July 9, 2012

Ebates! What is it and why do I love it?

So I don't advertise many sites. I really only talk about the ones I use all the time and so I thought since I have been talking about this one with family and friends, I'd post it to the blog. is a rebate website that was brought to my attention by my coworker Benji. She raved about it and said she got checks from them regularly. I asked questions but how? and why? and it wasn't a scam? It seemed unrealistic to sign up for a free website and have them send you money. But I sh*t you not, it really works. You sign up for free then whenver you buy stuff online like you normally do, you head to and click the link to the website and continue on your merry online shopping way. So not all websites are listed but a great deal are. My favs include:,,, and They usually have a general cash back rate of 3.0% or 4.0%. If you get the emails around Xmas you'll find that some stores you use increase their rate to 12.0%. Not only that but will usually list the FREE SHIPPING codes so you can be sure to not pay any unneccisary shipping. If there are any other deals or sales, they will tell you as well. It's completely easy and every few months you get a check in the mail for $8 or $12, it varies depending on how much you spent online. Since christmas is only 169 days away, get your online shopping on and use, you won't regret it.

Free money is always good in my book!

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