Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting inside my Shufflebot head!

Many of my facebook friends may know that this past Sunday I was able to go see LMFAO at the DCU Center thanks to my buddy Sasha. She won tickets on Kiss 108. Then she won VIP tickets so we got to go to the VIP party and get a photo with Redfoo. (Blu Sky was injured and did not perform.) In preparation Sasha had been working on a skirt, shoes, and shirt for the day. I went with the Shufflebot head and a shirt that said "Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle".

Shufflebot Head
1 box (we got a new one from the container store since they come white and clean)
gold spray paint
box cutter
ribbon (to tie the box snug on your head)
anything extra you want to attach

1) tape the box closed on one side and cut the flaps off the other
2) decide where you want it to sit on your head, I built in a foam system to prevent it from moving and it came to just above my shoulders. This part might take more work because you could do this multiple ways. Also I didn't look out the eye holes of mine. I didn't even have the mouth lined up with my eyes. Instead I looked down through the mouth to see where I was steping and up through the eyes to see people.
3) if you cut a piece a paper the size of the box you can fold it to find the center and 4ths easier. I used the paper to draw out where the eyes and the mouth would be then copied to the box and cut it out.
4) spray the head gold with two coats and possibly a clear top coat. allow to dry and not smell.
5) decorate, you can use gatorade bottle caps as the ears, I used chess pawns.

The inside while I was hot gluing the LEDs in
If you want LED action, I recommend buying something already made like a cheap magic wand and busting it open and hot gluing it inside. Eventually I plan on doing more with LEDs but for this I wanted cheap and quick.

While we were standing in line and the host was talking to Redfoo he asked him "who was dressed the best?" and Redfoo took a long look at the crowd before exclaiming that the Shufflebot Girl was the best! That's me!
With Redfoo from LMFAO

We da best!

Found 2 camera phone pictures from when we went up there. People must have liked me.
If you ain't here to party get the funk out the club!

All in all, it was fun and I would do it again. I just need to figure out where I can buy LEDs and batteries so I can use them more regularly.

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