Friday, March 22, 2013

Andy's Top Secret 30th Birthday

Last year you may remember the 29th birthday party I threw Andy. This is when I began planning his 30th. Lucky for me Andy's band mates attended so I was able to nail them all down to save the date for next year. I wanted to have the party before one of Andy's shows because many of his family and friends have not seen him perform before. His band is called CoverUp which leads one to think of conspiracy theories and government investigations so I used this to lead my theme. Andy is also a big fan of Law and Order and is currently working on cartoon about a super secret government organization. Perfect, now I needed invitations. I think I went overboard because the invitations consisted of about 7 different pieces.

Top Secret Envelope
Mug Shot with Rap Sheet Modeled after Al Capone's actual rap sheet
Matchbook to bar with "Meet me at 6pm" on the inside
Crumpled CoverUp Poster
Radio Orphan Annie Secret Decorder Scratch Ticket
A Western Union Telegram with a Mission Impossible like statement on it
A Government Business card RSVP info
Crime Scene Photo

People were very weary to open these suspicious packages but I think in the end they enjoyed them. The party favors were evidence baggies filled with different things from, chocolate body parts, mustaches, mini gun keychains, and magnifying glasses.
DSC_2898 We used the magnifying glasses for the cupcakes as well. The cupcakes were peanut butter and jelly flavored in strawberry and grape since those PBnJ is my husband's fav.
The cupcakes were made by my 18 year old theater friend Christine of Indubytably Cakes. Her twin sister helped too and they stayed for the party.
For decorations I used 30 year old caution tape and cereal boxes, and two 30 year old balloons. I went simple because after a year of planning when the day actually arrives you tend to get stressed out, so I did what worked out to be the easiest.


I think my most clever idea was using El Wire to make a glowing chalk outline by the stage. It was sound activated and would pulse with the music when we wanted it to. It was fun to see it glow during the band's set later that evening.


I did other things like Andy Trivia with the DJ Jack Brotman, Andy's fav snack as an appetizer, and a signing book with photos of Andy over the years thanks to the help of his parents. My friend Joe was the best photographer ever and I have put a link down below so you can see his amazing work. My outfit was from the thrift store. I did some alterations and added some iron on details since we are "Cellmates" for life. It only cost me $5 total.
It was a truly fun event and I was so glad so many people came from near and far to help celebrate with Andy. I know he had a great time. (Plus I'm happy it's over so I can do other things...tee hee.)

I'm not sure what my next party will be but with each experience I learn a little more.

Stay Crafty! Jax

Photos by Joe Medolo
Invitation Photo Set
My Pinterest Inspiration Board
Party Website
DJ Jack Brotman and video production at

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