Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A backyard wedding and Ponies SURPRISE!

This past Saturday my boyfriend Jimmy took me to his cousin Karl's wedding. I had never met Karl or Kristin before but it was supposed to be nice out and the wedding was in their backyard. When I approached the nice row of houses I immediately realized it wasn't as I had thought. The houses were closer together than the wilderness backyard of the Berkshires I had imagined. We walked up the driveway to the backyard where I then saw the cutest backyard wedding ceremony setup ever.

It was like something I had seen on TV or in a movie. There were about 50 guests total. The ceremony was short and afterwards everyone moved the chairs from the ceremony to the reception. We enjoyed cocktail hour high-jinx with our cooler full of drinks and a table full of snacks until the wedding party returned from photos.

While they were gone, Uncle Skip said he would give us a tour of Karl and Kristin's house since we had never been there. It wasn't until I reached the second floor and he began to mention the "pony room" that it hit me! She was not just a normal bride. SHE WAS A MY LITTLE PONY COLLECTOR turned BRIDE!
My surprise!

Once I picked my jaw off the floor of this incredible room I told the family: "I'm going to need about 5 minute alone in this room." They all knew why. They joke that I am the "Selfie Queen" and I think it's just because I don't trust anyone to take the photo well or to send it to me instantly for uploading, so I choose to take my own.


Selfie with my new friends.

Zebra and Zoo animal PONIES!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure this is the best surprise at a wedding I have ever experienced. How I ended up in such a magical land, I have no idea but please enjoy these photos and believe me when I say it was EPIC. Kristin has over 1000 ponies and a website at I'm so happy I got to meet Kristin and Karl and enjoy their special day. I look forward to more play time in the "Pony Room."

Bride and her collection! 
Closest thing we could find to a rainbow pegacorn.

Have you ever seen anything more amazing???

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