Monday, July 14, 2014

Monkeying around with cake!

It has been awhile since I've made a custom cake and I didn't realize it until my best friend Fallon asked me that question. Since Liam's (Fallon's fiance) birthday was today we spent a few hours yesterday working on a chimp cake for him. Fallon told me what she wanted to accomplish and I worked with her to attain that goal. She also served as a wonderful sue chef and without her constant critique it would not have come out as awesome. :-)

I prefer not to work in cake very often for 2 reasons, the art doesn't last forever since you eat it and it's not a perfect medium. Often times there are situations which call for compromise which I hate when I want it to be a certain way. It can get tense and I'd rather be stress freer...

But with that said, I think I'd still like to get the occasional cake challenge. If you have a reason for me to make a cake, please let me know it and I can let you know if it's possible. My cakes are more likely cheaper than fancy cake shops since I charge only for cost of materials and then $50 for my skills.

This cake cost approximately $75. It took approximately 2 cakes, 4 cans of frosting (although we made some homemade peanut butter frosting but cans seemed like the way to measure this.), 3 piping bags, 6 eggs, butter, sugar, peanut butter, milk.

It was made by creating a normal 9" round cake, 1 muffins, and a whole lot of imagination. The two rounds were stacked with frosting in between. I iced the outside first and added the mouth of the monkey which was a muffin top. The ears where the bottom of a muffin cut in half. I added the peanut butter frosting for the interior of the ear first and then stuck them in place. The face was covered with peanut butter frosting as well and then I began to pipe the rest of the frosting. This was where all my previous experience really came out. It didn't take me long to cover his head and ears with chocolate using a large piping bit. I used a regular ziplock to pipe the white since it was so minor. Had I had to do it again, I would have used more frosting with a larger piping hole so it would have come out bore like a ball than flat. The peanut butter frosting piping I did with but a bit of the tip of the bag cut off so no actual tip. I wanted to add more dimension to the lips and brow, Fallon was skeptical. I think I convinced her when I quickly banged it out in front of her. I even outlined the nose we had agreed upon in chocolate. My rational was that the chocolate represented holes so they couldn't stick out farther than the other frosting. Then a quick Happy Birthday Liam in cursive and we were done. Fallon gets all the credit for the candles in the nose, since where else would a monkey put candles. I'm pretty proud of this cake because I think it was one of the most quickly executed cakes I have done, with little issue. Any issues we did encounter were easily resolved by scraping off the icing and doing it again.

I wonder if they make clay which works like frosting...

If you are interested in a cake, local people only, please let me know and we can dream it up together!
Stay crafty!

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