Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Prepping for the Farmer's Markets and realizing life goals

I've always dreamed of being able to sell the little things I make. I have no idea why but I have this need to create. Usually I create things for myself or specific people but I'm going one step further and I want to sell to random strangers. Very often I get compliments on things I make when I wear them. I tell people I made them and they are usually surprised. So why not try it? This has been a long lost dream which I have finally resurrected thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who has granted me studio space and the encouragement of my friends and self to see a goal achieved. I've been sitting on this craft blog, not really blogging, and I have an etsy store with nothing posted to it. My plan is to make everything I can for July 19th when the Attleboro farmer's market has their artists and craftsmen area. Anything that doesn't sell will get me started on Etsy and hopefully propel me forward. Here is what the AFM invite states:
We invite resident artists in the Attleboro area to apply for a vendor space in one of our featured “Art at the market” events. We welcome painters, photographers, cobblers, makers of metal cookware, hardware, service wares, woodworkers, textile designers, sculptors, potters, ceramicists, jewelry makers, candle makers, and other creative and functional wares.

This expansion will promote the cultural arts of our area while attracting more people to the farmer’s market and Attleboro at large. We will also encourage vendors to demonstrate their skill to market visitors. This will be an opportunity to revive awareness of the historical trades and skills that were integral to the vitality of our region.
In preparation I signed up for Square and am working on some packaging with Michael and my friend John at Color Connection for printing. I've worked with both of them before on other projects and I find it more fun to work with people you like than strangers.

Money is not important but it definitely helps motivate. Plus without money how would I continue to create? I do use a lot of recycled and found materials but no one wants used earring hooks.

This is probably one of the scariest things I have done in awhile. Jimmy asked me why I was so scared. I replied "It's like having a lemonade stand and no one buys a cup." He's been assuring me that it will be successful and while I want to believe him, he has no real way of knowing. With 11 days left, I'm spending almost all of my free time working on items to sell and my display setup. I will be utilizing the dining room to set up everything ahead of time. I have plenty of ideas, it's just a matter of whether or not it works. Wish me luck and remember Cash is King since credit cards will incur a 2.75% convenience charge. (*future helpful information if you plan on coming out to support me.)

Love Jax

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