Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just another day, or so I thought. 4/1/15

April Fool's Day for some is a day of pranks and fooling people in to thinking something out of the ordinary. Surprisingly my day was packed full of wonderful discoveries. Let's break it down.

I had a meeting at 11:30am at On Common Ground so I knew if I wanted to visit DoubleACS for the first time that I would have to arrive prior and they open at 10am. I got there a little after 10 and can I just say that being in a studio again felt great. The ceilings are so HIGH and there is plenty of SPACE for me to get creative. I met with Emily who showed me around but then threw me to Paul of "Pontificating with Paul" on WARL 1380. I had a blast talking with Paul and letting everyone know about the Blessing of the Bikes - Ride It Together event which is coming up on May 9th. I was also fortunate to plug PIG and RI Comedy Connection.

You can listen to my clips right HERE and HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Off I went to my meeting I went where we had a great Staff Meeting and Mick made delicious dairy free banana bread.

After the meeting I went to the grocery store to deposit a check and get some food. I'm an idiot and forgot my ID and debit card but was still able to deposit my check, go figure but no food. As I was leaving the store and walking through the parking lot I watched in horror as an elderly gentleman stumbled and fell HEAD FIRST into the ground. I ran over with someone else and we attempted to talk to the man and make him comfortable while we called 911. He had a huge bump on his head and his hand was bleeding. His name is Francis. I talked to just occupy the wait and eventually some nice ambulance workers came to take him to Sturdy. I later went to check on him at the hospital and found out that he was doing well, he did have family, and I could leave my number in case he needed anything else. I really just wanted to make sure that he wasn't being released alone.

I went home to eat lunch and was able to creep on a realtor and prospective buyers scoping our my neighbors house. I don't think they saw me but I did enjoy taking photos of them while texting my old neighbors who I miss horribly.

Off to class at the Comedy Connection. I was up first and filled my 5 minutes with no problem but my teachers were upset I changed some of my material. I realize my goof and will continue to work on that for the final showcase. At the end of class I was able to get on stage and walk around a bit more to help me feel more comfortable.

Charity is one of my classmates and she lives in Plainville. She told me there was an open mic night at Fitzy's Pub at 8pm so we went to check it out. It was all music people and I actually recognized two people from Providence Music events. I talked with the host Dave and he seemed to think the crowd would be friendly enough. I was nervous but Charity told me to get up there. I did and I have to say that was the best 4 and a half minutes I've ever done. I assessed my audience prior to getting up. I knew certain jokes might not work with them, so I stuck with things everyone can relate to: family and judging books by covers. I have it recorded but I won't be sharing it because I'd like to keep my material quiet until the showcase. I did share it with my friend Jon Rineman and look forward to hearing his feedback.

I am so glad that I did my first open mic and on April Fool's day non the less. I will always remember it and look forward to more opportunities.

Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of April and I look forward to giving you more happy and dynamic updates.

Stay Crafty!

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